Gary Slaughter - Author of Sea Stories


Hannah Tsay is a high-school freshman at Arizona College Prep - Erie, in Chandler, Arizona. This year, she decided to enter the National History Day (NHD), "a year-long academic program focused on historical research, interpretation and creative expression for 6th to 12th grade students. By participating in NHD, students become writers, filmmakers, web designers, playwrights and artists as they create unique contemporary expressions of history." She found the Sea Stories author's website and asked him to provide her with source documents and photos for her project. She also interviewed the author for further details.

Hannah decided to present her project, entitled USS Cony: Taking a Stand on the Brink of Nuclear War, as a website, due to her passion for web design. Her goal is to qualify for the National competition this year, and, hopefully, win an award or two for her project. Last year, as an eighth-grader, her submissions won two awards in the NHD competition.

Outside of school and NHD, she enjoys playing sports, playing the piano, reading new books to expand her horizon of knowledge, exploring new places, and mentoring other students through the Tutor Club.

Hannah's website is so rich in content that we have posted it on this website. We invite you to admire and enjoy her website at: