Gary Slaughter

The Cottonwood novels, set in the last five seasons of World War II, are entertaining, richly-detailed reminiscences of home-front America. Cottonwood Summer begins with the D-Day invasion in June 1944, and Cottonwood Summer '45 ends with the VJ Day in September 1945.

Small-town adventures are related by Jase Addison, the now-adult narrator. He and his best friend, the inimitable Danny Tucker, are obsessed with protecting their neighborhood, their home town, and their country from the bad guys. As villains arrive on the scene, they are swiftly vanquished in a humorous fashion by this pair of precocious and clever defenders of the flag.

John Seigenthaler, public television host of A Word on Words, called these two protagonists “this generation’s Tom Sawyer and Huck Finn.”

The Cottonwood novels appeal to those who cherish the memory of simpler times and seek to relive the past or desire to share this important historical period with children and grandchildren. Readers of all ages are entertained by humor and details of home-front America during the last year of World War II. These novels are used as U. S. History textbooks by high school students in the states of Michigan and Tennessee.

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