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Gary Slaughter's
WW II POWs in America and Abroad

WW II Pows in America and Abroad:
Astounding Facts about the Imprisonment of
Military and Civilians during the War

Gary Slaughter - WW II POWs in America and Abroad

In his latest work, award-winning author and military veteran Gary Slaughter documents perspectives of World War II that have flown under the radar for decades.

Little has been written about the 6 million people held in prison camps around the world between 1939 and 1945. The Allies and the Axis powers held one another’s armed forces as military prisoners of war (POWs).

The Axis powers also confined millions of civilian prisoners in death or concentration camps. In addition, the Axis also imprisoned Russians, Slavs, European Jews, people with medical and physical disabilities, non-Jewish intellectuals, and religious leaders.

Even the United States imprisoned its own citizens in camps throughout America – over 100,000 Japanese-Americans and 11,500 German-Americans, most naturalized U.S. citizens.

Like military camps, these civilian sites were also surrounded by barbed wire and guard towers. In 1943, when a German POW camp was built in Slaughter’s hometown in Michigan, he became fascinated with POWs as a young boy. During the last two decades, he has authored five Cottonwood novels, set on the American home front during the latter part of World War II, each containing POW storylines. Following book talks, most attendee questions related to POWs. His extensive research resulted in this captivating book.

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WW II POWs in America and Abroad

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Joanne Fletcher Slaughter's
Preserving Memories

preserving memories: recollections and recipes from family and friends

Preserving Memories is Joanne Slaughter’s charming and entertaining memoir sewn together through more than 200 recipes that she has collected since childhood from those people have influenced her life and inspired her through her many commitments to scores of organizations. Her story begins in Bedford, PA, pauses in the Washington DC area and in Naples, FL, and continues through her vibrant life in Nashville, TN. This is an unusual memoir because that the recipes and dishes made by friends, family and volunteer colleagues play a major role as characters in her colorful vignettes of treasured memories.

Joanne Slaughter - Preserving Memories

preserving memories

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Gary Slaughter's


On October 27, 1962, the USS Cony surfaced B-59, a Soviet submarine. Gary Slaughter, a 23 year-old US Navy Ensign, studied the sullen face of Captain Vitali Savitsky at a distance of only 200 feet. Slaughter was the only officer on Cony trained to communicate with the Russian Captain. His objective was to dissuade Savitsky from launching its torpedo which - as Slaughter learned 40 years later - was tipped with a 15 kiloton nuclear device that would have precipitated an all-out nuclear exchange that most certainly would have destroyed the world.

Sea Stories: Memoir of a Naval Officer (1956-1967) brings this incredible true event vividly to life in one of the 60 vignettes that span Slaughter's naval service during the Cold War. Other vignettes depict his varied and rich Navy life:

  • A boiler explosion kills two sailors aboard a destroyer where Slaughter served as Engineering Officer
  • A perplexing situation develops in the Engineering Log Room when a naive Yeoman uses his initials, FRT, to reclassify and refile hundreds of Navy documents
  • In an apparent suicide attempt, a sailor, fueled by too many beers, jumps into the icy waters off the coast of Portland, Maine

Finding likability and humor in the people and situations he encountered during his Navy career, Slaughter brings his experiences to life with the same writing skills found in his series of five award-winning Cottonwood novels set on the World War II home front.

Gary Slaughter - Sea Stories

Sea Stories: A Memoir of a Naval Officer (1956-1967)

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Gary Slaughter's

The Journey of an Inquiring Mind:
From Scholar, Naval Officer, and Entrepreneur to Novelist

This memoir records, in great detail, my life of work during the 40 years before I met my wife, Joanne, and the story of our business lives together over the past 40 years.

My life of work included a wide variety of careers, jobs, sports, and hobbies that I mastered during the eight decades of my life. My first entrepreneurial endeavor was as a six-year-old merchandizer of eggs from my grandparents’ farm.

During my management training career, I created the term SKEs, standing for Skills, Knowledge, and Experience. The SKEs from my early childhood led to my career as a bait supplier for a local bait dealer during my two years in junior high. And the additional SKEs learned from being a bait supplier were the foundation for my successes as a naval officer, as a businessman, and now as an author.

For the last 20 years -- Joanne and I have worked day and night writing seven books. These include the five, award-winning Cottonwood novels. These books are set in a small Michigan town during the last five seasons of World War II. Then Sea Stories – a true story of my 11 years as a midshipman and Naval officer during the Cuban Missile Crisis and other dangerous Cold War adventures. And now -- this book, The Journey of an Inquiring Mind.

And I wanted to publicly thank those who supported Joanne and me during the various phases of our journey, especially those who embraced my career as an author. In Appendix C of The Journey, are the names of over 220 persons who lent their support along the way. While some people are no longer with us, others are our friends and neighbors today.

Gary Slaughter - The Journey of an Inquiring Mind


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